Paul Coplan | Executive Director Risk Management and Epidemiology
Purdue Pharmaceutical Products LP

Paul Coplan, Executive Director Risk Management and Epidemiology, Purdue Pharmaceutical Products LP

A seasoned professional with over 28 years of work in analytic research in public health and development of pharmaceutics, vaccines, and therapeutic biologics, with the following track record:
• Currently Head of Medical Affairs Strategic Research at Purdue Pharma and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.
• Conducted studies in 15 countries, published 64 peer-reviewed journal articles, and over 400 international conference posters. 
• Worked at Purdue for 6 years, Merck for 9 years, Wyeth/Pfizer for 4 years, and a non-profit international HIV pharmaceutical development organization for 2 years 
• Made core epidemiology/risk management contributions to the successful approval and launch of 8 drugs, 7 pediatric vaccines and 1 adult vaccine 
• Built and managed groups focused on meeting regulatory study or plan commitments for the last 20 years and managed budgets of approximately $20 -30 million.
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