Mengchung Li | Director of Pharmacovigilance
T.B. Alliance

Mengchung Li, Director of Pharmacovigilance, T.B. Alliance

Prior to joining the TB Alliance, Dr. Li served as a pharmacovigilance consultant to TB Alliance since 2015. Before that, she worked at Xi’an- Janssen Pharmaceutical company (Johnson & Johnson) for seven years in the US and China, where she was the therapeutic area manager responsible for clinical development strategy, protocol design and project execution in Anti-Infectious Diseases (HCV and TB), most recently she served as the study responsible physician for a phase III registration trial (HCV) in Asian pacific region as part of the global program while also serving as the AP representative in global clinical team.  Earlier she worked in medical affairs as therapeutic area physician/manager running phase 4 trials in Anti-Infectious Diseases (Invasive fungal infection, HIV and TB) and Cardiovascular & Metabolism therapeutic areas, on local, regional and global basis.   Dr. Li received her medical training from a seven-year program at China Medical University and is a board certified internal medicine physician.  She is currently pursuing an MPA at Columbia University.


Pre-Marketing Drug Safety Workshop @ 11:00

An ongoing aggregate safety assessment planning process

Pre-Marketing Drug Safety Workshop @ 13:00

Ongoing aggregate safety evaluation

  • Blinded vs unblinded analyses 
  • Static vs dynamic assessments 
  • Visual analytic methods

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