Kubra Borgardt | Director

Kubra Borgardt, Director, AbbVie

Kubra Borgardt is a Director in Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety at Abbvie where she is responsible for clinical study safety case processing adverse event process.  Kubra has over 18 years of experience in industry. She is responsible for quality and compliance, interpretations of industry guidelines and management for clinical trial regulations including oversight of Reference Safety Information triage and labeling process.  Prior to joining AbbVie, Kubra was a nurse clinician at Ob-Gyne Associates of Evanston and a staff nurse at North Shore Hospital in Evanston.  Kubra completed her education at Evanston School of Nursing and University of St. Francis. Kubra lives in the north suburbs of Chicago and has two adult daughters at Denver School of Nursing and University of Iowa.  In her free time, she works a boutique and enjoys running, reading and cooking.


Drug Safety World Day 2 @ 11:30

Navigating the complexities of reference safety information regulation: How to react to the latest guidance’s in GRFG RSI

  • Review of the November 2017 clinical trial facilitation group reference safety information question and answer document
  • Discussion of reference safety information complexities and navigating the changing environment
  • Perspectives on operationalizing reference safety information in the setting of global clinical trial conduct

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