Greg Ball | Principal Statistician
Merck & Co

Greg Ball, Principal Statistician, Merck & Co

Senior Principal Statistician with 18 years of experience; 8 years in pharmaceutical research (chronic cough, cardiovascular, hepatitis C virus, renal disease, oncology, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and anti-fungals), 7 years in pharmaceutical contract research (oncology) and 3 years at academic medical centers (oncology)


Pre-Marketing Drug Safety Workshop @ 09:00

Global regulatory landscape for quantitative safety evaluation

Pre-Marketing Drug Safety Workshop @ 10:00

Thought leader interviews and an industry-wide survey on quantitative enablement

Pre-Marketing Drug Safety Workshop @ 13:00

Ongoing aggregate safety evaluation

  • Blinded vs unblinded analyses 
  • Static vs dynamic assessments 
  • Visual analytic methods

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