David J Lewis | Global Head of Pharmacovigilance

David J Lewis, Global Head of Pharmacovigilance, Novartis

Dr Dave Lewis joined Novartis in March 2007 following 20 years’ pharmacovigilance at GSK and at Shire Pharmaceuticals. He was appointed EU QPPV at Novartis Pharma AG from April 2009 then moved to Global Head of Pharmacovigilance Systems and Data Management, followed by Global Head of Pharmacovigilance in February 2011. He was confirmed as Global Head of Pharmacovigilance (including vigilance for medical devices) for Novartis Patient Safety in June 2016 and moved to Senior Adviser in September 2017. Dr Lewis has worked in country affiliates and in a variety of global safety & risk management functions with both investigational & marketed products, as well as in roles concerned with systems and processes. Dr Lewis is the author of papers on the safety of medicines as well as research papers on neuropharmacology. He has a number of academic links, including being named Visiting Senior Fellow, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, University of Hertfordshire. Dr Lewis is Project Coordinator for the IMI WEB-RADR consortium (@ http://www.web-radr.eu). E-mail to: david-1.lewis@novartis.com


Drug Safety World Day 2 @ 12:10


4) Automation of PV- Success sorties and current impacts

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