Anders Lindholm | Vice President and Head of Drug Safety Therapeutic Area Inflammation and Immunology

Anders Lindholm, Vice President and Head of Drug Safety Therapeutic Area Inflammation and Immunology, Celgene

Anders received his medical degree and certification at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, from which he also earned a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology and Transplantation Surgery.  He practiced as a transplantation surgeon in Sweden and was appointed Associate Professor in Transplantation Biology, affiliated with the Karolinska Institute. His scientific production includes more than 80 publications in peer reviewed journals. Subsequent to the academic career, Anders spent six years at Novo Nordisk as a Clinical Leader responsible for successful filings for a rapid acting insulin analogue. For the last 15 years Anders has been TA Safety Head at Johnson & Johnson, Shire and Celgene providing oversight for a department of physicians and scientists developing safety evaluations, benefit-risk assessments, and RMPs. Anders is currently engaged in how to further develop Benefit Risk tools within Celgene.


Drug Safety World Day 2 @ 15:20

Structured benefit-risk assessments – How different pharmaceutical companies are implementing new FDA guidance

  • Regulatory and industry experiences with approaches to structured benefit-risk assessments 
  • Approaches to incorporating patient perspectives into structured benefit-risk assessment 
  • Exploring available methods to advance structured benefit-risk assessment

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