Alexandre Kiazand | Safety Sciences Global Head

Alexandre Kiazand, Safety Sciences Global Head, AstraZeneca

An internist by training, Alex Kiazand heads the Safety Science Department at AstraZeneca.
Alex graduated with a medical degree from Claude Bernard University, Grange Blanche School of Medicine in France, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in molecular biology at Stanford University, School of Medicine.
Alex has more than 15 years of experience in Pharmacovigilance, Epidemiology and Clinical work in US, France, and Germany.
Alex started his career as the HIV regional expert in France and transitioned to Stanford University, Stanford School of Medicine, to serve as the principle investigator in a number of clinical studies which led to several high impact publications. Alex holds a faculty position and teaches pharmacovigilance courses at the European Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine, in France.
In his previous pharma role, Alex has led the Virology teams and chaired the DILI-expert group in Global Pharmacovigilance at Boerhinger Ingelheim out of US and Germany.
Alex currently heads a global multidisciplinary Safety Science Centre of Excellence at AstraZeneca, accountable for prediction and exploration of safety signals across the drugs life-cycle.


Drug Safety World Day 2 @ 16:00

Safety Science: an integrative approach to patient safety

  • Investing in safety- How failures in safety programs have resulted in in of more than half of all project closures in pharmaceuticals?
  • How to predict clinical reactions to the drugs by integrating pharmacology, subject’s predisposition, and drug structure to mitigate ADE’s
  • How a thorough understanding of target, drug structure, and pharmacology at discovery can help predict up to 75% of the adverse drug reactions in the market

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