Dr John Solomon | Head of Pharmacovigilance
Sanofi-Aventis UK

Dr John Solomon, Head of Pharmacovigilance, Sanofi-Aventis UK

John Solomon is the Head of Pharmacovigilance for UK & Ireland responsible for leading the post authorisation drug surveillance activities for the broad Sanofi portfolio including Innovative, Generics, Biologics and Vaccines products.
Prior to joining Sanofi in 2005, John was the Head of Drug Safety Europe at MDS Pharma Services.
Qualified in medicine, John has worked for over 16 years in the industry spending most of these
years in clinical drug safety and post marketing drug surveillance activities.
Other industry related experience includes pharmaceutical marketing and global
clinical research programmes from within the Pharmaceutical industry and Clinical Research Organisation sector respectively.
John is currently a pharmacovigilance representative on UK Pharmaceutical and Self-care industry trade associations.
John is especially committed to transparency around patient centric pharmacovigilance and the
commercial value of effective Pharmacovigilance.


World Drug Safety Europe Day Two (Wednesday 13 September ) @ 12:05


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