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MabDesign is a membership organization that aims to structure, mobilize and support the development of the industrial sector in the field of immunotherapy. MabDesign provides to its 100 + members strategic leverage and development opportunities.
You will find together with MabDesign:
ABL, part of Mérieux Institute, specializes in biomarker assays, offering unique services ranging from method development to IVD transfer, to advance therapies from discovery to clinical testing.
Antineo provides in vitro/in vivo services and expertise in preclinical phase to accelerate the development of innovative anticancer agents.
Axenisa CRO company developing and providing humanized mice with a full reconstitution of the human immune system as preclinical models for innovative medicine.
B cell design that develops innovative products and breakthrough therapeutic concepts for pharma industries 
INOVOTION a biotech company which offers a fast, sensitive, reliable and affordable in vivo model dedicated to anti-cancer treatment evaluations and early toxicity studies.
Promise Advanced Proteomics, a medtech company providing top-quality stable labelled proteins and antibodies for targeted quantification using LC-MS, and offering bioanalytical services.
PX’Therapeutics, a CDMO specializing in the development and GMP production of biologics, in particular recombinant proteins, mAb/mAb fragments for R&D, diagnostic and clinical applications.
TransCure bioServices provide access to the full human immune system in mouse models for cancer, IBD, PDX, HIV, and vaccines drug development/clinical candidate selection.
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