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Innovation doesn’t just happen.
Just asking for (more) innovation is not enough. In addition to curiosity, creativity and the skills of developing and implementing, innovation requires above all space, space to challenge and question, experiment and explore.

Innovation needs to be understood in context.
In order to be able to improve conditions for innovation we need to start by understanding the organisations’ specific context and starting point. While looking at Best Practice is useful, it is not sufficient. Best Practice needs to be translated into context, and extended to become Leading Practice.

Innovation happens through connecting different bodies of knowledge.
Not much is truly new which is why innovation thrives on diversity and the appreciation of different perspectives and points of view.

Innovation is a never ending journey.
With a context that changes faster than ever before, the best possible solutions of today might be out of date by tomorrow. Only if we build in space to challenge and question whether how and what we do remains relevant and appropriate, we will be able to identify the opportunities that enable us to shape and secure our future.

Dr. Bettina von Stamm created the Innovation Leadership Forum to share and spread her passion for understanding and enabling innovatio