In the premium business conferences delegates from the corporate sector will hear what Europe’s most innovative companies are doing to re-evaluate their real estate portfolios, embrace future workplace technologies and learn how to attract, retain and develop their staff, in order to achieve improved productivity.

In the exhibition, attendees get to experience the latest solutions in enterprise mobility, real estate, modern workspace design and much more. Plus, visitors enjoy free seminars at the on-floor seminar theatre seminar theatre. 



Michael Grosam 
Senior Director Corporate Workplace Services

Camilla Winsten  
Global Head of Design Services

Tim Yendell  
Head of Workplace

Bianca Hermansen 
Director of Global Design & Engagement




"I am looking forward to participating in this unique blend of discussion between HR, Real Estate, Facilities and Wellbeing departments"

John Kerr, Head of Property, Ladbrokes





Real estate and space, Tuesday 24 April 2018



Chairman’s opening remarks

Tracy Hawkins

Leveraging workplace space and design to align people and culture

  • Why it is time to leverage your workplace as a tool to strengthen your business
  • The business case for investing in time and research to drive your transformation
  • Proven impact of workplace design on performance metrics: Communication and innovation
  • Spaces around the world that have empowered people and generated innovative ideas

Sudhir Saseedharan

Office 2.0: Using your workplace to reinforce your brand

  • The powerful relationship between brand, identity and office design
  • First steps to ensuring your brand it clearly communicated within your space
  • Living your brand not just decorating your office with it
  • How to manifest a brand in workplace design & workplace culture
  • Globalization: Global Brand vs local culture


Sponsor: Connecting your workforce: In the office, at home and on the go

  • Key drivers for offering your employees flexible working opportunities
  • Identifying the right communication tools for your business
  • Using digital tools to improve collaboration and enhance employee performance
  • Using real-time communication tools to reduce costs

Speed Networking


Networking break

Panel discussion

Panel discussion: Creating a workplace that will engage and connect a diverse workforce

  • What design methods should be considered to prepare for changing employee dynamics?
  • How can the workplace meet the needs of a diverse workforce with a range or work styles?
  • Supporting five generations at once: What facilities are needed to connect all?
  • What office layout will work best: Hubs, Open-Plan, Remote?

Nathaniel Barney, Global Building Design and Capital Projects Lead, Unilever

Sponsor: Unlocking the power of employee collaboration

  • Increasing employee productivity through seamless communication
  • Bringing your workforce together no matter where they are in the world
  • Identifying which capabilities to give to which employees and when?
  • Making the change without disrupting the business


Artificial intelligence: How is AI transforming the workplace?
George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson

Understanding and retaining your talent: How can we drive and measure engagement?
Jenny Thompson, Head of HR Technology and Finance,  Fidelity International

Offices that boost wellbeing: How do you implement wellbeing and engagement into your office?
Peter Terry, Head of Facilities, John Lewis Partnership

Gamification and its use in employee engagement
: How can games be used to sustain employee motivation and productivity?

Tim Ackermann, Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Experience, Lidl

Diversity: Creating the right conditions for all talent to thrive?
Sue Unerman, Head of Transformation, Mediacom

The offline to online transition
John Kerr, Property Director, Ladbrokes Coral

Networking Lunch


Aaron Harvey
Real estate and space

The function of novelty in the workspace: Creating effective high density spaces

  • Reinventing the call centre and designing an office defined by freedom
  • Reinforcing the employer brand by bringing the experience of the traveller to the workplace
  • Maintaining functionality and effectiveness in novelty workplaces
  • The philosophy and design process that is redefining work environments
Real estate and space

Sponsor: Making agility a priority in workplace design of today and tomorrow

  • Transformation to a fluid and permeable space that encourages interaction
  • Creating workspaces that will support individuals working in isolation as well as more agile settings
  • How can workplace design accommodate multiple ways of working at once
  • Developing physical spaces as open and flexible as the digital spaces they work in
Panel discussion
Real estate and space

Panel: Creating effective workplaces during times of hypergrowth

  • Making agility a reality in short time scales: Planning from design to construction
  • How can you collaborate with other departments to get the space you need quickly?
  • How can companies experiencing hypergrowth create spaces that accommodate flexibility?
  • Overcoming the cost factor: Building quickly within a budget


Camilla Winsten
Real estate and space

Occupant-Orientated Smart building design and its role in Nokia’s workplace strategy

  • How has the evolution of flexible working and open design impacted how occupants use space and building management?
  • Implementing 4 occupant orientated smart building pilots on 4 different sites
  • Delivering the ability for occupants to find desks, support spaces and meeting rooms in real time
  • The results: Supporting not just workplace strategy for sqm and type of spaces needed but strategies for workplace design evolution and energy management
Real estate and space

Sponsor: Sound environments for a healthier, more productive workforce

  • Providing the space for intelligent work: why variety is important
  • How can we minimise sound disruption in an open plan office?
  • How can acoustic design be implemented to support different types of working?
  • Building the business case for acoustic design: Major business benefits
  • How can sound effect an employee’s mental health?

Afternoon networking break


Michael Grosam
Real estate and space

Creating a workplace experience that will enhance the power of your brand

  • Changes in communication that are needed to embrace the new ways of working
  • Creating an environment that lifts the internal culture of the company
  • Combining digital and physical tools to bring one workplace experience to life
  • How did we get here? Lessons learnt and guiding principles from Adidas
Panel discussion
Real estate and space

Panel: What role does office location have on attracting the employee of tomorrow?

  • What are the most important factors that companies consider when deciding on their next office location?
  • How do these factors evolve around the world?
  • Where are the new global hubs that companies or looking at?
  • How can office location not only motivate existing staff but aid in recruitment?
  • What are you looking for? Interpreting data before deciding on a move



Tim Loughton

An update from Parliament on mindfulness and its benefits in the workplace

David Roomes

 Leading in a post-truth world

What are the characteristics of resilient leaders? Observations on leadership from a 20-year career as a corporate medical director

End of conference


Work 2.0 After party

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Real estate and space, Wednesday 25 April 2018



Chairman’s opening remarks

Sonia Studer

Leveraging Diversity and inclusion as a business buy in

  • Building an inclusive culture and leveraging on employee differences when working together
  • Driving innovation and meet the needs of wide range of customers
  • Acting and engaging in an inclusive way within society and stakeholders across the entire value chain

Brady Pyle

Growing Out of This World Leaders:  A Perspective from NASA

  • NASA’s Philosophy and Model for Leadership Development
  • How Succession Development works at NASA
  • Current areas of emphasis, including Inclusive Leadership and Leaders as Coaches
  • Key role mentoring & networking play in the development strategy

Bruce Daisley

Work reinvented - surviving a world of work under pressure

  • Examining the impact of the modern way of working on our mind
  • The rise of exhaustion and other consequences of working longer and harder than ever before
  • Introduction to the science of the human mind and what it tells us about the way we should work
  • How can we, collectively and individually, improve our working lives?


Sponsor: The fourth industrial revolution and its impact on the future of real estate

  • Key drivers for offering your employees flexible working opportunities
  • Identifying the right communication tools for your business
  • Using digital tools to improve collaboration and enhance employee performance
  • Using real-time communication tools to reduce costs

Speed Networking


Networking break



Mike Walley
Real estate and space

How has facilities management evolved?

  • The role of facilities has dramatically changed in recent years: What predictions can be made for the next 10 years?
  • What has the changing demographic of the workforce meant for the facilities industry?
  • What will the increase of remote workers mean for FM?
  • How can Facility managers best adapt to workplace expectations?
Jason Roseaman
Real estate and space

Positive partnership, what happens when FM, HR and Internal Comms collaborate on property strategy in a fast changing payments business

  • Redefining the workspace from a people perspective
  • Why HR are best positioned to help you with space requirement data
  • Partnering with an Internal Communications team on early engagement, a communications plan and multi-channel information sharing
  • Using feedback loops to continuously evolve agile workspace
  • Crystal Balls- automation, agile working- how this partnership helps plan for the future
Jason Roseaman, Head of Corporate Facilities Management, Vocalink A Mastercard Company
Real estate and space

Sponsor: The significant role location has to play in the workplace of tomorrow

  • Keeping pace with the newest employee expectations: What is important to them and why?
  • The effect of location on attracting top talent
  • Taking a longer-term view on office space investment in order to meet new demands
  • Popular office locations around the world


Catherine Guizol
Real estate and space

Success factors for how you direct change to work differently

  • Assessment of the magnitude of the change
  • Monitor the change curve – plan and communicate effectively the change
  • Success factors and tips to drive the change
Panel discussion
Real estate and space

Panel discussion: How can the physical working environment drive company culture?

  • Why is it important that the physical working environment expresses company vision and purpose?
  • What link does the office environment have on the way employees and clients perceive the companies?
  • How can office transformation be used to generate a change in company culture?
  • Is it worth the investment? What is the ROI of a strong company culture?

Networking Lunch


Robert Höhne
Real estate and space

Adapting the office to suit a new range of work styles

  • Overview of the project: Why did Zalando need to change their environment?
  • How have new preferences in work style impacted the office layout?
  • The evolution of the desk: Introducing new desks to support new ways of working
  • Feedback: What have Zalando employees said about the transformation?
Real estate and space

Sponsor slot: Getting the tech right- What do you need to start tomorrow?

  • What technology is essential to create a fully integrated co-working hub?
  • What are the changing needs of your customer base?
  • What new technology is available to take your hub to the next level
  • Simplifying the entire process: What can new software do?
Panel discussion
Real estate and space

Panel: Overcoming the key challenges of workplace transformation

  • Changing the behaviours and mind set needed to work effectively in a new work space
  • How do you train managers to lead in the new environment?
  • How can companies maintain engagement throughout the transformation?
  • Where has workplace transformation gone wrong and why?
Nicola Millard

Botman vs SuperAgent: Automation and the future of customer service

  • Customer service has always been at the forefront of automation - how is machine learning going to shape the future of service delivery?
  • What are the bots good at, and what do humans still excel at? What is the optimal balance?
  • What skills do our human agents need? Are they redundant, or do they need super powers?
  • What lessons can be learned that apply across all jobs?
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Work 2.0 is two events: A world-class conference where business leaders from around the world meet; and, a unique work, wellbeing and office tech exhibition. To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.



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