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The world of travel and hospitality has entered a new era of growth and transformation.

Technology advancements in travel no longer stops at online bookings and portals. New technology is continuing to influence the way people plan and execute their travel. Convenient, effervescent, automated and personalised is where the future of travel technology is heading.

What were emerging trends just a few years ago, are now part of our daily lives. Momentum is building in 2018 as airlines, hotels and travel agents find ways to leverage new high tech to create new efficiencies within their business and improve customer service.

Travel Tech 2018 is the only platform for the travel technology industry, advocating for public policy that promotes transparency and competition in the marketplace to encourage innovation and preserve consumer choice.



Today’s travel tech industry:

  • Covers more than 195 countries 
  • Creates over $580bn in gross travel bookings every year 
  • Engages in 2 million new hotel partnerships every year
  • Connects 70% of the world’s airlines, car rental companies, tour operators through online platforms
  • Boards 1.8bn airline passengers through IT solutions

Travel Tech 2018 is the definitive place for hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tech disruptors and government authorities to talk customer and passenger experience, digital transformation, operational efficiency and revenue growth.

With over 100 speakers from the entire travel technology ecosystem, as well as 200 speakers from airlines and airports, this is the only travel event you need to attend in 2018.





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