Spread Networks

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Spread Networks literally forged a new path to reduce the distance from New York to Chicago to 825 fiber miles  - the straightest and shortest fiber route possible.  Spread does one thing and one thing only – transport data from NY to Chicago.

Spread’s network went operational in August 2010 with its flagship ultra-low latency dark fiber services at 12.98ms Round Trip Delay (RTD). In January 2011 Spread began offering lit services and Spread now offers both Ultra Low Latency (ULL) wavelengths and dark fiber at 14ms RTD and Carrier Class wavelengths and dark fiber at 16ms RTD.

Given our customers demanding needs for security and reliability, Spread Networks goes above and beyond the traditional approach to network monitoring and management.  99% of Spread’s network is buried fiber with less than 1% aerial.  Each colocation facility features fully redundant environmental, electrical and security systems and is manned during business hours by our skilled technicians. The network is monitored 24/7/365 from the Spread Networks network operations center in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, each route segment is driven daily to proactively monitor for threats to the network. Network reliability and security is our first priority.

Spread runs our network like no other telecommunications carrier.