Cielo Networks

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Microwave networks remain the fastest option for latency sensitive trading, and Cielo Networks’ microwave systems remain the fastest and most intelligent available.  If speed matters to you, then Cielo Networks’ SkyLink CGX ultra-low latency Microwave radio systems and our Mercury and Mercury TTM IF repeaters are your must have solutions! Founded in 2006, Cielo Networks is recognized as the pioneer and world leader in ultra-low latency (ULL) optimized licensed band digital microwave systems. Uniquely focused on the needs of trading market networks, the overwhelming majority of ULL wireless networks worldwide were built with Cielo Networks’ SkyLink CG and Mercury repeater systems.  Many of those are being upgraded to SkyLink CGX and Mercury TTM repeaters to reduce their latencies even further.  And more latency improvements and user customization options are coming, including Byte – By – Byte payload and other unique interface options. We’re strongly committed to continual innovation in ULL microwave systems, with an aggressive product development roadmap targeted at driving system latency as close to zero as possible. Cielo Networks – Faster than fiber. Faster than other radios. Committed to staying that way.