Sal Abbasi, Co-Founder, Coatbridge Capital

Dennis Aust, CTO, Ativo Capital Management LLC

Frederic Boyer, Head of Quantitative Research - Global Credit, Citadel LLC

Alan Burke, Principal, Condor Trading, LLC

Alan Burke at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Brian Cassin, Head of Product & Strategy, North America, Vela

Partha Chakraborty, Founder & CEO, Ultracoin Investment Fund, LLC

Ernest Chan, Principal, QTS Capital Management

Emmie Chang, Managing Partner, Superbloom Capital

Emmie Chang at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Joseph Ciccolo, Founder, BitAML

Andrew Curto, Director of Strategy & Research, G2 Trading LLC

Andrew Curto at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Mark Dawson, Low Latency Performance Engineer, Belvedere Trading

Laurent De Barry, Founder, ENYX

Laurent De Barry at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Adrian de Valois-Franklin, CEO, Castle Ridge Asset Management

Alex Felix, Partner, CoinFund, LLC

Jay Feuerstein, Proprietary Trader, Budo Group

Jay Feuerstein at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Nicolas Fierro, CEO & Founder, MIMIR Blockchain Solutions

Howard Getson, CEO, Capitalogix Trading

Kenneth Goodman, Co-Founder, Altcoin Advisors LLC

Daniel Gramza, President, Gramza Capital Management

Mark Granzow, Senior Technology Officer, BMO Capital Markets

Jonathan Greenberg, Senior Solutions Engineer, Kinetica

Jonathan Greenberg at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Antonio Hallak, CEO, Sibyl Trading

Antonio Hallak at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Zach Hamilton, Managing Partner, General Crypto

Edward Ho, CEO & CIO, IQCIO, LLC

Heath Hutchinson, Director, Supermicro

Heath Hutchinson at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Scott Jacobson, Director, Investment Strategy, Hirtle Callaghan & Co.

Bruce Kahn, Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Insight Capital Management

Sean Keegan, CEO, Digital Asset Strategies

Ryan Kole, Vice President, Investments, VCapital

William Lee, President, Providence Trading Group

Ari Lewis, Founder, Grasshopper Capital

Ari Lewis at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Forrest Marshall, Software Architect, Mimir Blockchain Solutions

Brad McCredie, VP & IBM Fellow, Cognitive Systems Development, IBM Systems

Brad McCredie at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Lawrence McMillan, CEO, McMillan Asset Management

Michael Mescher, Founder, Gammon Capital LLC

Brian Miller, Founder & Head Strategist, Optimized Trading LLC

Brian Miller at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Marat Molyboga, Chief Risk Officer, Efficient Capital Management LLC

Bert Mouler, President & CEO, Profluent Trading

David Namdar, Co-CIO, Galaxy Investment Partners

Manoj Narang, CEO & Chief Investment Strategist, MANA Partners LLC

Elliot Noma, Managing Director, Garrett Asset Management

Michael Oved, Founder, AirSwap

Yam Peleg, Founder, Deep Trading

Mike Persico, CEO & Founder, Anova Technologies

Mike Persico at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Thomas Peterffy, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Interactive Brokers

Brian Peterson, Partner, Director of Quantitative Trading, DV Trading

Brian Peterson at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Steve Pope, Co-Founder & CTO, Solarflare

Alex Popovici, Head of Quantitative Trading, TLP Trading LLC

Alexander Price, Founder, Qu Capital

Xiao Qiao, Quantitative Researcher, SummerHaven Investment Management

Jim Radecki, Global Head of Business Development, Cumberland Mining

Colton Robtoy, Chief Investment Officer, i94 Capital

Paul Rowady, Director of Research, Alphacution Research Conservatory

Paul Rowady at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Oscar Salem, Co-Founder & Principal, Cold Spring Asset Management

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital

Peter Sarlin, Director, RiskLab Finland

Peter Sarlin at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Patrick Scateni, Vice President, CIARA

Patrick Scateni at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Garrett See, CEO, DV Chain

Milind Sharma, CEO, QuantZ Capital

Mick Sherman, Co-Founder, Altcoin Advisors LLC

Mick Sherman at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Euan Sinclair, Partner, Talton Capital Management

Nikhil Singhvi, Global Head Market & Client Connectivity, Credit Suisse

Nikhil Singhvi at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Paolo Sironi, Thought Leader - Wealth Management FinTech Analytics, IBM

Paolo Sironi at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Paris Smith, Senior Trader, Wolverine Trading

Andrew Strasman, Principal, Totem Asset Group

Andrew Strasman at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Benny Tjahjono, FRM, Director, Quantitative Analysis, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago

Kimberly Trautmann, Director, DRW Venture Capital

Kimberly Trautmann at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Stéphane Tyĉ, Co-Founder, Quincy Data & McKay Brothers

Greg Ulepic, Director, Avere Systems Inc

Greg Ulepic at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Arun Verma, Quantitative Researcher, Bloomberg LP

Tommi Vuorenmaa, Founder, Rayleigh Research

Dennis Waldron, SVP, Enterprise Data Architect, Northern Trust

Derek Wang, CEO, Bell Curve Capital

Jack Waters, CTO, Zayo

Jeff Weniger, Asset Allocation Strategist, WisdomTree Asset Management

Jamie Wise, Founder, BUZZ Indexes

Bruce Wisner, Trader, Avatar Securities

Bruce Wisner at The Trading Show Chicago 2018

Jimmy Yang, Global Head of Credit & Operational Risk Analytics, BMO Financial Group

Mehmet Yanilmaz, Partner, Myra Trading

Matei Zatreanu, Founder, System2