Tommi Vuorenmaa | CEO
Aekraes Kodex

Tommi Vuorenmaa, CEO, Aekraes Kodex

Tommi A. Vuorenmaa, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Rayleigh Research [], a company based in Helsinki, Finland, working on a new kind of high-frequency trading algorithm development platform to be launched in 2018. Tommi is also involved with cryptocurrencies and supply chain side applications of blockchain technology via Aekraes Kodex. Before diving in the start-up world, Tommi co-led the automated trading company Valo Research and Trading. In the academic side, Tommi worked at the University of Helsinki and studied econometrics at University of California (San Diego), Princeton University, and Stanford University. Tommi completed his PhD degree in 2008 in financial econometrics with the award-winning thesis “Elements of Volatility at High-Frequency.” He has henceforth been a frequent conference speaker on HFT and blockchain applications and is the author of several HFT related articles. Tommi now writes thought provoking blog posts on HFT, cryptocurrencies, big data, and blockchain at [] and [].


TSC 2018 Seminar Agenda - Day 2 @ 11:30

Dark side of decentralization - what are the hidden risks in a blockchain revolution?

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