Mehmet Yanilmaz | Partner
Navus, Inc.

Mehmet Yanilmaz, Partner, Navus, Inc.

Mehmet Yanılmaz is partner at Myra Trading and president of Navus, a strategy and fintech company, both based in Chicago, and associate of the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM), based in Washington D.C. 
Mehmet advises exchanges, OTC platforms, finance software vendors, regulatory bodies about matching engines, real-time risk management, market microstructure dynamics, algorithmic execution, trading strategies.  He serves as expert witness on these topics. He testified in cases involving trading systems, IP theft, violation of employment contracts, corporate valuations and determination of reasonable royalties.
Mehmet delivered solutions in business strategy, engineering, IT, automation and manufacturing to Fortune 100 worldwide.  He taught engineering and business at Northwestern University, and computer science at the University of Chicago.  He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.


TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 14:50

Next-generation network connectivity – how are you balancing latency and bandwidth in 2018?

  • LEO satellites – how is space commercialization impacting data connectivity for low-latency trading?
  • Impact of changing marketplace – how are new technological developments and a changing regulatory environment impacting firms’ approach to connectivity?
  • New world of alpha discovery – how are firms balancing speed and bandwidth as the algorithmic trading arms race turns toward ingesting and analyzing increasing volumes and varieties of real-time data?
  • Fiber vs. microwave vs. millimeter wavelength – comparing new developments in network connectivity
  • Network monitoring – solutions, methods and technologies for identifying trends, detecting outliers and correcting excessive latency and jitter in real time
  • Risks around building ULL systems – moving data centers, cost of data, exchanges changing the rules
  • Trading venues moving to the cloud – realistic vs. deterministic

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