Matei Zatreanu | Founder

Matei Zatreanu, Founder, System2

Matei founded System2 to augment investment research with data and technology. Clients leverage the System2 team as an on-demand task force with expertise in data science, sourcing, engineering, and artificial intelligence to help them improve model estimates. He also hosts Augvest, a community of investors who meet regularly to discuss trends in data-driven investing. He previously spent eight years at King Street Capital, where he played a leading role augmenting fundamental research with data. Matei holds an MA in math from Columbia University and BAs in psychology, math, government, and economics from Cornell University.


TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 14:00

Big data sweet spot – how are you finding, evaluating and applying ‘edgeworthy’ and alternative data?

  • Investing in the right datasets – how do you evaluate which data sets are worth adopting in the face of high fees and uncertain value?
  • IT & talent requirements for value extraction – what technology and human capital capabilities do you need in place to effectively analyze the data and realize its value within a reasonable time horizon?
  • Comparing source, speed & edge – real-time market data, historical market data, macroeconomic data, public/private company data, alternative data
  • Alternative data, alternative use cases – what other applications may exist for alt data sets outside of alpha generation?
  • Other nascent data applications – do you see any immediate or future value for trading firms and fund managers in data from nanosatellites, drone imagery and Internet of Things?

TSC 2018 - DAY 2 @ 09:20

AI in trading and investing – debating the risks, rewards and reality of robo-advisors and artificial intelligence in capital markets

  • AI & your investment strategy – the advantages and disadvantages of trading on probability and using AI to enhance your investment strategy
  • Markets for machines – how will increased usage of machine learning and AI alter market dynamics? 
  • Fiduciary rule fallout – how the new financial investment rules for advisors to act in their clients’ best interest impact robo-advisors?
  • AI-associated risks – what risks should financial firms be aware of as smart machines become more fundamental in modern markets? Do the biggest risks lie in man’s misuse of technology or machine learning techniques themselves? 

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