Kyle Samani | Managing Partner
Multicoin Capital

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital

Kyle is a serial technology entrepreneur who's been programming since childhood. He lives at the intersection of capital allocation, tech, finance, economics, and game theoretic protocol design.

Kyle spends most of his time reviewing tech, code, protocol design, crypto-economics, interviewing teams, defining crypto specific go-to-market strategies, and thinking about how cryptographically bound networks can reshape major sectors of global commerce.

He's a prolific writer who's recognized for his crypto research and insights. Follow him on Twitter @kylesamani and subscribe to Multicoin's blog.

Prior to founding Multicoin Capital, Kyle founded and led Pristine (Google Glass apps for surgeons) as CEO. He holds degrees in Finance and Management from the NYU Stern School of Business.


TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 16:00

Token gesture – a framework for assessing the value of crypto tokens and alt coins

  • Factors driving the value of crypto assets – the network effect, low correlation to traditional assets and the rise of digital monetary commodities 
  • Traditional valuation vs. crypto valuation – why traditional models of valuation don’t make sense for crypto assets; why equity bubbles are a false analogy for the rapid growth in Bitcoin
  • Economic impact – how crypto assets will change the dynamics of investing much in the same way the Internet changed the flow of information
  • Valuing Bitcoin’s dominance – could another alt coin displace Bitcoin; is it worth diversifying your portfolio with other crypto assets?

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