Katina Stefanova | Founding Partner & CIO
Marto Capital

Katina Stefanova, Founding Partner & CIO, Marto Capital

Katina Stefanova is the Founder and CIO of Marto Capital, a multi-strategy asset management and advisory firm focused on optimal asset allocation.  She is also Co-Founder of AcordIQ, which delivers state of the art portfolio intelligence and governance solutions with expert consulting services to asset managers and institutional investors with multi-asset portfolios who demand immediate and holistic transparency, accountability and governance throughout the investment process.  Previously, she served as a Management Committee Advisor and Senior Executive at Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund and one of the best performing money managers in the financial industry. She held both investment and management leadership roles and oversaw the various areas of the firm including technology and middle and back office as the firm aimed to institutionalize. Prior to Bridgewater, Ms. Stefanova was a senior leader in the financial services and technology space including serving as a directer in the IBM Mergers and Acquisitions practice in EMEA and was an advisor to Berkeley Capital Partners, an EBRD backed Venture Capital firm in Russia, on emerging technologies.  
Katina is an angel investor investing in disruptive companies in asset management and currently serves on the board of Accordance Technology, which offers portfolio governance solutions for Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) for both hedge funds and institutional investors. Ms. Stefanova is a contributor to Forbes and frequent speaker at financial services events specifically around the topic of disruption in asset management and the macro environment. She holds a Harvard MBA.
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