Jennifer Tveiten-Rifman | Chief Compliance Officer
Gelber Group

Jennifer Tveiten-Rifman, Chief Compliance Officer, Gelber Group

Jennifer Tveiten-Rifman is the Chief Compliance Officer of Gelber Group, a proprietary trading firm headquartered in Chicago. She oversees all compliance matters for the firm.  She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Chicago Kent Financial Services LLM Program. Jennifer formerly worked at CME Group, in Market Regulation. Ms. Tveiten-Rifman is an attorney licensed in Illinois; in the past she represented financial services companies in private practice. Ms. Tveiten-Rifman holds an LLM in Financial Services from Chicago Kent, and a Masters in Law and Economics, from the University of Hamburg, Germany. For three years she served as Co-Chair of the Chicago Bar Association’s Futures and Derivatives Committee.


Day 1 @ 09:20

Regulation AT – how would the CFTC’s landmark proposal affect proprietary traders, market fairness and systemic risk?

  • How would the CFTC and other government agencies use proprietary source code obtained from automated traders to reduce the likelihood of “flash crashes” and other harmful market disruptions?
  • Do the potential benefits justify significantly lowering the bar for government access to intellectual property? 
  • How will regulators protect source code from hackers and cyber-breaches? 
  • How would market participants, particularly smaller ones, handle the higher compliance costs created by Reg AT’s increased risk controls, reporting demands and recordkeeping requirements?
  • How should exchanges and trading venues be involved in the oversight process?
Nancy Stern, EVP & General Counsel, Allston Trading
Kirsten Weger, Senior Vice President, Modern Markets Initiative

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