Howard Getson | CEO
Capitalogix Trading

Howard Getson, CEO, Capitalogix Trading

Capitalogix created a revolutionary financial technology platform that uses Adaptive A. I. to maximize performance with real-time insights.

While most high-frequency trading focuses on using technology to make thousands of transactions in a short period of time, the Capitalogix technology performs millions of observations and only acts on the opportunities determined most likely to have an edge.

Howard served seven terms on the Board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (“EO”) in Dallas. He also served on the EO International Board of Directors. His prior software company was an Inc 500 company.

Howard has a Psychology and Philosophy degree from Duke University and an MBA and JD from Northwestern University.

He lives in Dallas with his wife and four dogs.


TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 14:10

Big data sweet spot – how are you finding, evaluating and applying ‘edgeworthy’ and alternative data?

  • Investing in the right datasets – how do you evaluate which data sets are worth adopting in the face of high fees and uncertain value?
  • IT & talent requirements for value extraction – what technology and human capital capabilities do you need in place to effectively analyze the data and realize its value within a reasonable time horizon?
  • Comparing source, speed & edge – real-time market data, historical market data, macroeconomic data, public/private company data, alternative data
  • Alternative data, alternative use cases – what other applications may exist for alt data sets outside of alpha generation?
  • Other nascent data applications – do you see any immediate or future value for trading firms and fund managers in data from nanosatellites, drone imagery and Internet of Things?

TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 14:50

Quantamental – how can we apply new insights to capture alpha?

40-minute interactive roundtable discussion

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