Gaurav Chakravorty | Co-Founder

Gaurav Chakravorty, Co-Founder, qplum

Gaurav Chakravorty is a co-founder and Head of Strategy Development at qplum, an online asset management with completely data science-driven strategies. qplum is also the first successful money manager to provide all their strategies via APIs. Gaurav has been one of the early pioneers in machine learning based high frequency trading. He built the most profitable algo trading group at Tower Research from 2005-2010 and was the youngest partner in the firm.


Day 1 @ 12:20

FPGAs, acceleration technologies, GPUs and high-performance hardware

  • Budget balancing – speed vs. capacity and latency vs. performance
  • Parlaying speed into intelligence – how are new classes of server technology enabling deterministic performance in addition to cutting latency?
  • Measuring the value of FPGA enhanced functionality – how can they optimize trade workflow and be applied beyond the traditional domains of market data acquisition and distribution?
Brian Peterson, Partner, Director of Quantitative Trading, DV Trading
Laurent De Barry, Founder, ENYX
Heath Hutchinson, Director, Supermicro

Day 2 @ 15:10

AI in deep learning & trading


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