Efrem Hoffman | CEO
Running Alpha Investments

Efrem Hoffman, CEO, Running Alpha Investments

Mr. Hoffman leverages nearly two decades of professional investor experience in building patented AI technology for designing and building the next incarnation of tools that enhance work-flow and competitive advantage in world capital markets.

RunningAlpha.com, a Finding Alpha Finalist in the 2016 Benzinga Fintech Awards in New York, is a Sentiment-Aware Alpha Production Platform, offering investors a smarter way for expanding their high-conviction idea rolodex, navigating around impending market threats, and discovering anti-fragile portfolios well before they become visible on the radars of smart money trends.

The platform is a new heat map experience that takes a macro and micro-level view of a universe of over 6000 US Market Focused equities and Global Capital Markets, and illuminates the next 100 best performing opportunities that are Strongly Biased for Profiting from Disruptive Change in Our Volatile Planet.

The Running Alpha Platform is a new class of market intelligence that helping Professional Investors, the everyday trader, and Corporate Decision-makers Profit From Disruptive Change in A Volatile Planet: Leveraging CrowdPhysics & Bottom-Down Machine Intelligence For Capturing a Sustainable Portfolio Alpha Advantage.

By monitoring over 6000 equities and macro factors in our Global Market Universe, the Running Alpha platform identifies latent perception biases and reflexivity feedback dynamics among influential market players and decision-makers -- driving news stories that are hidden from your view in the public press -- identifying market timing windows  when corporate actions and financial news flow are likely to have more  impact -- specifically  where markets and specific securities are more likely to be "climbing a wall of worry" or "descending a slope of hope."


Day 2 @ 12:00


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Michael Oliver Weinberg, CFA, Partner & Chief Investment Strategist, Protégé Partners

Day 2 @ 15:20

Trading the Trump factor – a new source of portfolio alpha?

  • Trump, Twitter & market health – measuring the relationship between Trump's Twitter sentiment, the overall market mood, and the short and longer-range price and volatility impact on companies, currencies and nations
  • Presidential tweet risk – what unintended consequences might emerge as a result of Trump’s penchant for Twitter? 
  • Trump tracking algorithms – will it be a viable strategy to develop algorithms designed to take advantage of short-term price discrepancies caused by a presidential tweet? 
  • Trump, regulations & economic growth – how would Trump’s proposed rollback of regulations impact U.S. economic growth?
  • Foreign policy – how will Trump’s proposed isolationist policies impact U.S. markets and the global economy? 
Moderator: Julie Dixon, Founder & CEO, Titan Regulation

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