David Klusendorf | Chief Investment Officer
Typhon Capital Management

David Klusendorf, Chief Investment Officer, Typhon Capital Management

David Klusendorf is the Chief Investment Officer and a principal of Typhon Capital Management which he joined in March 2015. Mr. Klusendorf began his career at Timber Hill, LLC, a propriety option market making firm based in New York, N.Y., as a floor clerk in March 1987. In June 1987, Mr. Klusendorf was promoted to floor trader and became a member at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He was responsible for making markets in the S&P options and hedging the firm’s position in the S&P futures pit. In November 1988, Mr. Klusendorf became a member at the Chicago Board of Trade and was promoted to the head of the CBOE 250 futures operation at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

In August 1989, Mr. Klusendorf returned to the CME to serve as the head of futures trading for Timber Hill’s new foreign currency operation. In March 1992, Mr. Klusendorf left Timber Hill to trade Eurodollars for Bob Levinson’s Proprietary Trading Group located in Chicago, Illinois. In April 1993, Mr. Klusendorf purchased a full membership at the CME and founded Klusendorf Trading as its President. Klusendorf Trading was a propriety trading company specializing in interest rate products with a focus on Eurodollar futures located in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Klusendorf enrolled at Loyola University Chicago located in Chicago Illinois in the fall 1983. He earned a Bachelor of the Arts in Finance in December 1986. In January 1987, Mr. Klusendorf enrolled in the graduate school of Business at Loyola University Chicago from where he graduated with a Masters of Business Administration in June 1991. Mr. Klusendorf has a series 3 license.

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