Colton Robtoy | Chief Investment Officer
i94 Capital

Colton Robtoy, Chief Investment Officer, i94 Capital

  • Full Ride to Engineering School at 18
  • Youngest person ever hired by GE Global Research at 19
  • #1 3D Printing Expert in NY's Capital at 20
  • Created a $400k/yr Revenue Amazon business at 21
  • Started a Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund at 22


TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 15:30

Token gesture – a framework for assessing the value of crypto tokens and alt coins

  • Factors driving the value of crypto assets – the network effect, low correlation to traditional assets and the rise of digital monetary commodities 
  • Traditional valuation vs. crypto valuation – why traditional models of valuation don’t make sense for crypto assets; why equity bubbles are a false analogy for the rapid growth in Bitcoin
  • Economic impact – how crypto assets will change the dynamics of investing much in the same way the Internet changed the flow of information
  • Valuing Bitcoin’s dominance – could another alt coin displace Bitcoin; is it worth diversifying your portfolio with other crypto assets?

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