Bryant Nielson | Executive Director
The Blockchain Academy

Bryant Nielson, Executive Director, The Blockchain Academy

Bryant Nielson is the Executive Director of The Blockchain Academy. The Blockchain Academy is a division of CapitalWave Inc.  

CapitalWave a global financial training company, and an established leader of technology enabled simulation platforms. Our training programs in the Capital Markets, Wealth Management and Middle and Back Office Operations, are used by some of the largest Global Investment Banking firms. As part of our live and online training, we deeply integrate simulation technology into our training curriculum which are used by corporations and universities.  

Bryant leads a team of instructors and programmers which use ‘technology’ to enable learning on a global scale. CapitalWave maintains offices in New York and London.


Day 2 @ 14:10

The great blockchain debate – disruption or distraction?

  • Blockchain champions rave about its potential to facilitate faster, cheaper, safer and more transparent financial transactions – are you buying into the value statement?
  • Banks are spending extraordinary resources on testing and developing blockchain technology – will their efforts ultimately bear fruit?
  • True or false – the only commercially successful application of blockchain technology will be producing digital cash​
Dr Tommi Vuorenmaa, Founder, Aekraes Kodex

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