Brian Miller | Founder & Head Strategist
Optimized Trading LLC

Brian Miller, Founder & Head Strategist, Optimized Trading LLC


TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 16:30

From risk to reward – aligning IT, human capital and strategy to mitigate risk and maximize investment performance

  • Risk & low volatility – how are quants and portfolio managers assessing risk in low volatility market conditions? How can the relationship between risk and volatility best be described?
  • Next-generation data management & analytics – leveraging new tools to achieve an integrated view of portfolio risk exposure across time horizons and asset classes
  • Changing skill sets – how has the risk management toolbox changed over time? What skill sets are you looking for in a modern risk manager?
  • New modeling tools – how can you leverage innovations in machine learning, predictive analytics and model development to enhance your view of risk?
  • Compute-intensive risk – how are quants and risk managers using the cloud to scale up modeling capacity without breaking the bank on building new data centers?
  • Alternative data for risk management – how can “alt” data be leveraged as an indicator for measuring risk, anticipating volatility and extracting unique market insights?

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