Alexander Price | Founder
Qu Capital

Alexander Price, Founder, Qu Capital

Alex Price is a founding partner of Qu Capital, a quantitative hedge fund focusing on the emerging class of digital assets. Alex studied Computer Science at Columbia Engineering, as well as Finance at Washington University’s Olin Business School. He was an early investor in Ethereum as well as various other distributed ledger technologies. He specializes in blockchain economics, particularly valuing and trading digital assets. Previously, he has worked on data engineering at 32 Advisors as well as algorithmic trading research at one of BlackRock’s quantitative hedge funds.


TSC 2018 - DAY 1 @ 16:30

Evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrencies – charting the path forward for capital markets

  • Overcoming blockchain’s kryptonite – what are the most promising solutions to the scalability problem posed by the decentralized structure of distributed ledgers?
  • Canary in the crypto mine – how can technologists, policymakers and capital markets leaders address the ever-increasing electricity/compute/e¬nergy resources being consumed by proof-of-work mining operations?
  • Mining centralization – are you concerned about the creation of a hidden power structure as industrial mining pools continue to drive network centralization? 
  • Bitcoin vs. blockchain – is it necessary to separate the digital currency from the underlying digital architecture to explore new use cases and applications?
  • Crypto in emerging & frontier markets – will cryptocurrencies continue to develop as a lifeline for undeveloped countries plagued with hyperinflation and failed government monetary policy?
  • Efficient market hypothesis (EMH) – does the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies adhere to the EMH? Will the immense inefficiencies in prices across exchanges and markets continue to be an arbitrageur’s dream as institutional volume enters the space? 

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