Adrian de Valois-Franklin | CEO
Castle Ridge Asset Management

Adrian de Valois-Franklin, CEO, Castle Ridge Asset Management

Adrian is an investment professional with expertise merging finance and cutting-edge technology. As CEO of Castle Ridge Asset Management, Adrian runs Artificial Intelligence powered investment funds with industry leading performance. Previously, Adrian worked with some of the world’s largest financial institutions. As a member of the Principal Investing group for the $280 billion CPP Investment Board, Adrian identified and executed global mega-cap acquisitions and financings across various industries. Adrian also worked with Accel-KKR in Silicon Valley and Goldman Sachs in New York and San Francisco. Adrian attained his H.B.A with Distinction from the Ivey Business School at Western University. He currently serves on charitable committees for the Toronto Public Library Foundation.


TSC 2018 - DAY 2 @ 10:10

AI in trading and investing – debating the risks, rewards and reality of robo-advisors and artificial intelligence in capital markets

  • AI & your investment strategy – the advantages and disadvantages of trading on probability and using AI to enhance your investment strategy
  • Markets for machines – how will increased usage of machine learning and AI alter market dynamics? 
  • Fiduciary rule fallout – how the new financial investment rules for advisors to act in their clients’ best interest impact robo-advisors?
  • AI-associated risks – what risks should financial firms be aware of as smart machines become more fundamental in modern markets? Do the biggest risks lie in man’s misuse of technology or machine learning techniques themselves? 

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