Tom Bennett | Director, Technology Services, Devices and Labs

Tom Bennett, Director, Technology Services, Devices and Labs, EE & BT

Tom has had the good fortune to have worked in telecoms and mobile telecoms for 24 years. Telecoms is fundamentally a force for good (communicating is rarely a bad thing) and a wonderful industry to work in, an entire industry predicated on partnerships and cooperative working, where the only constant is change. 

Tom is accountable for the development of all real-time technology services on the EE/BT mobile & converged network, for the solution architecture, technology test & quality assurance, EE Labs, Device and SIM technology & Special Coverage teams. Currently Tom’s primary focuses are the delivery of new converged products and services, the delivery of 5G and development of 4G for the Best Customer Experience, and on the successful delivery of the Emergency Services Network in the UK, setting the benchmark for standardised public safety over LTE. Tom is also the Network Board Director of Mobile Broadband Network Limited, the Network sharing Joint Venture between EE and Three.


Total Telecom Congress 2018 Day 1 @ 14:30

5G and the industrialisation of the internet

- What new services will be enabled by 5G?- Commercialisation of new 5G enabled services- New enterprise offerings: the IoT- Consumer services: VR/AR, video- Will 5G bring true digitisation of the economy and society?
last published: 15/Oct/18 16:05 GMT

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