Satyajit Kunjur Narayan | General Manager
Wipro Ltd

Satyajit Kunjur Narayan, General Manager, Wipro Ltd


Total Telecom Congress Day 2 @ 12:10

The Four ‘M’s of Digital Success: A Partner view

The road leading the industry towards Digital Service Business is marked by a number of bumps, hurdles and turns.  Some of these challenges include: Mission (management mandate), Mindset (culture, thought leadership), Method (the HOW), Manpower (skills – old and new).

Not unsurprisingly, these 4 ‘M’s are the focus of investment for partners and suppliers who want to help the communications providers tackle these challenges.

We present an outside-in, candid perspective of what suppliers see: the fact behind the marketing, the reality behind the powerpoint. With a 30-year history of partnering service providers on various missions, Wipro presents a partner perspective of Digital Success.


Total Telecom Congress Day 2 @ 12:30

Roundtables exploring new investment strategies, innovative business models and emerging technologies

The Four ‘M’s of Digital Success: Partner Perspective of Operator’s digital evolution

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