Santiago Argelich | Non-Executive Director & CEO Advisor
Andorra Telecom

Santiago Argelich, Non-Executive Director & CEO Advisor, Andorra Telecom

Santiago is Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Remuneration & Nominations Committee of Andorra Telecom since 2015. As a board member, he focuses on developing Andorra as a leading location for telecom services to enable the development of the Smart Country Living Lab in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. Santiago is also actively engaged in Andorra Telecom’s M&A strategy to grow and diversify the business internationally. Prior to joining Andorra Telecom, Santiago held several international CxO positions at VEON and was a Senior Partner of the Telecoms practice of Oliver Wyman, accumulating an extensive professional experience in 50+ telecom/digital/media companies across 35+ countries on 5 continents in often extreme socio-political environments.


Total Telecom Congress Day 2 @ 11:20

Exploring the telcos role in the city of the future

- Smart city business models
- Is it necessary, or even possible, to standardise the smart city?
- Protecting critical infrastructure
- Verticals

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