Erling Freyr Gudmundsson | Chief Executive Officer
Reykjavik Fibre Network (Gagnaveita Reykjavikur)

Erling Freyr Gudmundsson, Chief Executive Officer, Reykjavik Fibre Network (Gagnaveita Reykjavikur)

Erling Gudmundsson is a pioneer in the fibre industry, with over twenty years’ experience, building and operating fibre networks in six countries in Europe. In Dublin Ireland in 2004 it was the first 100 Mb/s FTTH network (Magnet Networks), in London in 2008 first 100 Mb/s FTTH network (Velocity1) and in in Bournemouth 2009 first 1000 Mb/s FTTH network (OpenCity/FibreCity). Erling has also headed a major media company service provider business, which offered fixed line telephone, mobile, broadband and entertainment packages. He is currently CEO of Gagnaveita Reykjavíkur, which is known internationally as Reykjavik Fibre Network, a true open access wholesale operator, gigabit for all, network operator and builder, that is largely responsible for making Iceland, on of the top country´s in the world in terms of 80 % of homes connected to fibre.
Erling was a member of the team that laid the very first fibre in Iceland for Reykjavik Fibre Networks. His expertise in the industry has been gained through direct involvement in every aspect of the fibre business from digging trenches, through to executive level business leadership. He has expert level knowledge in the business of fibre, as well as in overall business management, which was enhanced by studying for a master’s degree in business administration.
Erling is an innovator, with a forte for creating and maintaining strong strategic partnerships. The true open access network is currently used by different providers in Iceland, with end user customers having the potential to mix and match services from different providers simultaneously. With virtually 100% of homes connected to fibre in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, and in most of the surrounding towns.
Most network owners are working towards fibre connectivity to 100% of homes. Reykjavik Fibre Network is in that situation already, where the question becomes about how you can make the most of such a network. There is much speculation in the fibre market internationally about fibre adoption and use, business returns, and issues of effective network management etc. Erling believes that Iceland provides a good indicator of what might be possible with networks in other parts of Europe and perhaps even the world, and has taken the strategic decision to share what they’ve learnt in Iceland with others.


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