Algo-Logic Systems

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Algo-Logic Systems is a pioneer and a recognized leader in providing ultra-low-latency, high performance trading systems and solutions using state-of-the-art Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for the Accelerated Finance industries. 

Algo-Logic System offers FPGA accelerated high performance computing products, systems and customized tick-to-trade solutions that help the world's leading trading companies rapidly implement deterministic, jitter-free, fast time-to-market solutions for the financial markets.  Algo-Logic Systems has extensive commercial experience building 10G  ultra-low-latency high performance customized turn-key trading systems for all aspects of high frequency trading.  Algo-Logic's world-class hardware accelerated systems and solutions are used by banks, trading firms, hedge-funds, exchanges and financial institutions to accelerate their network processing for Risk-Checks (sec 15c 3-5), protocol parsing, symbol filtering, order book processing, order injection, proprietary trading strategies, high frequency trading, financial surveillance systems, and algorithmic trading. 

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