Takayoshi Wiesner | Executive Director, Global Capital Markets
Morgan Stanley

Takayoshi Wiesner, Executive Director, Global Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley

Takayoshi Wiesner is Head of Strats in Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley. His team is responsible for revenue-generating activities that are centered on quantitative financial analytics and technology. Previously, he was a Vice President at Mizuho Bank where he led credit modeling efforts as a portfolio risk manager for both credit trading portfolios and the banking book loan portfolio. He has a Master's degree in Statistics from Columbia University, a Master's degree in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree in Economics with the Highest Distinction from University of California, San Diego.


Day 1 @ 14:20

Buy-side discussion: AI in trading & investing –  debating the risks, rewards and reality of robo-advisors and artificial intelligence in capital markets

  • AI & your investment strategy – the advantages and disadvantages of trading on probability and using AI to enhance your investment strategy
  • Markets for machines – how will increased usage of machine learning & AI alter market dynamics? 
  • Fiduciary rule fallout – how the new financial investment rules for advisors to act in their clients’ best interest impact robo-advisors?
  • AI-associated risks – what risks should financial firms be aware of as smart machines become more fundamental in modern markets? Do the biggest risks lie in man’s misuse of technology or machine learning techniques themselves?  

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