Morgan Hill | Founder

Morgan Hill, Founder, AxionV

Morgan Hill, AxionV/Attis Capital LLC, Co-Chief Investment Officer, is an emerging expert in trading technology, helping to conceptualize one of the first online trading platforms associated with coinFX, enabling everyone from consumers to institutional funds to trade bitcoin like a commodity or currency. Subsequent developments included work on the theoretical framework of a blockchain exchange and order management system.

Mr. Hill previously held a position as a director at Attis Capital LLC, a small New York based hedge fund for all publicly traded markets. He holds an MBA from Willamette University.
He has been flown around the globe to present as a speaker at major international conferences such as QuantCon, Algorithmic Trading World, and Hedge Fund Association Symposium, on the topics of portfolio management, high-frequency trading and quantitative systems.  He’s also one of the earliest members of SumZero, a highly respected value investing professional community for buy-side professional investors with hundreds of hedge funds and $ millions invested annually based on its community ideas.


TNSY 2018 @ 15:50

Smart execution and the alpha of trade performance – how to harness real-time TCA to lower execution costs, optimize trading algorithms and predict market behavior

  • Less alpha, tighter spreads, thinner margins & increased risk aversion – how must quant funds, trading firms, asset managers and banks adjust when implementing a market data strategy?
  • Performance measurement solutions – post-trade, intra-day and real-time cost analysis
  • Capturing, cleansing, storing & analyzing market data – how to enable alpha discovery across asset classes and geographies in turbulent market conditions
  • Vendor relationships – the build vs. buy puzzle and working with your provider to improve performance, capacity and cost efficiency
  • Real-time insights – how can traders use visualization technology to aid in real-time pattern discovery and outlier detection?
  • Real-time pattern detection – how to use low-latency, complex event processing (CEP) technology to interpret live data streams
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