Matei Zatreanu | Founder

Matei Zatreanu, Founder, System2

Matei founded System2 to augment investment research with data and technology. Clients leverage the System2 team as an on-demand task force with expertise in data science, sourcing, engineering, and artificial intelligence to help them improve model estimates. He also hosts Augvest, a community of investors who meet regularly to discuss trends in data-driven investing. He previously spent eight years at King Street Capital, where he played a leading role augmenting fundamental research with data. Matei holds an MA in math from Columbia University and BAs in psychology, math, government, and economics from Cornell University.


TNSY 2018 @ 14:10

Workflow integration – how can discretionary managers incorporate new datasets into their trading processes?

  • Identification & acquisition – licensing new data sets through vendors or third parties; aligning your data with your investment strategy
  • Normalization – storing, structuring and pre-processing data for analysis
  • Modeling – backtesting, visualization, machine learning algorithm development
  • Signal implementation – automated vs. manual execution

TNSY 2018 @ 14:50

Alternative data infrastructure – aligning technology, strategy and human capital to achieve peak investment performance

  • Outsourcing vs. internalizing – how to decide whether to fully outsource, partially outsource of fully internalize big data infrastructure
  • Compute & storage resources – how to determine compute and storage requirements
  • Machine learning & analysis tools – visualization software, open-source libraries
  • Human capital dynamics – how to assemble the most effective team to execute your alternative data strategy
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