Kenneth Goodman | Co-Founder
Altcoin Advisors LLC

Kenneth Goodman, Co-Founder, Altcoin Advisors LLC

As a Quantitative Developer at Goldman Sachs, Ken worked on the risk side and helped drive initiatives to reduce risk. Ken has a demonstrated history of working in the financial technology industry. He graduated with an undergraduate honors degree in mathematics in two years, is completing a MS degree in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech University and is an Adjunct Mathematics Professor. He is passionate about Blockchain, Machine Learning, Applied Statistics, Quantitative Development and Mathematical Reasoning.


TNSY 2018 @ 14:40

Alternative data & cryptocurrency markets – a match made in heaven?

  • Traditional vs. crypto markets – does alternative data have more of an impact on crypto prices than other asset classes?
  • Lack of historical data – how can alternative data fill the void left by the lack of trading history in crypto markets?
  • Beyond the Twitterverse – what types of datasets are most useful for crypto traders and investors?
  • Factors driving the value of crypto assets – the network effect, low correlation to traditional assets and the rise of digital monetary commodities

TSNY Seminar @ 13:50

Decentralized everything - how badly designed dApps can make quants rich or not worth using at all

last published: 16/Aug/18 17:05 GMT

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