James Faucette | Executive Director
Morgan Stanley

James Faucette, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

James leads Morgan Stanley’s Payments and US Comm Systems research efforts, and brings a strong track record of being early to identify investment and technology trends across multiple sectors. James joined Morgan Stanley from Pacific Crest Securities, where he was a senior analyst for nearly 14 years. James also spent time at Deutsche Bank (London) as a European Tech strategist and at ING Barings (Santiago, Chile), as part of the Latin American Electrical Utilities team. He holds an International MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS in business economics from the University of Arizona.


TNSY 2018 @ 09:30

Giving currency to crypto – how will the institutionalization of digital assets impact investment portfolios, trading desks and capital markets at large?

  • Good as gold? Should investors buy cryptocurrencies or gold as a safe-haven asset? How will the emergence of digital currencies impact the value of gold, silver and other stores of value in the short and long term?
  • Regulatory risk – what developments do risk-averse institutions need to see on the regulatory front to quell concerns about compliance?
  • Crypto block trading – current and future developments for facilitating the execution of large institutional digital currency trades
  • Bitcoin futures – what impact has the launch of bitcoin futures products had on the development and legitimacy of the digital currency ecosystem?
  • Crypto ETFs – when will we see a bitcoin ETF and what will it mean for the greater digital asset marketplace?
  • Volatility & systemic risk – could the wild price swings associated with cryptocurrencies pose a risk to clearing houses and overall market stability?
  • Re-thinking market infrastructure – how could the inner workings of markets be re-invented to both attract an enthusiastic new generation of cryptocurrency traders while safeguarding against new risks posed by wild price gyrations?
  • Non-correlation effect & institutional portfolios – how can institutional investors leverage bitcoin’s extremely low correlation with traditional asset classesto optimize their portfolios?
  • Bitcoin vs. blockchain – is it necessary to separate the currency from the underlying digital architecture to explore new use cases and applications?
last published: 15/Aug/18 15:55 GMT

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