Garrett Nenner | Head of Trading Technologies

Garrett Nenner, Head of Trading Technologies, Linedata

Garrett Nenner is Head of Trading Technologies for Evercore’s broker dealer through Linedata Gravitas.  He offers unique expertise into advanced electronic trading and risk technologies from his combined experience as a former quantitative high volume portfolio manager/trader, advanced EMS/OMS product manager, and Market Structure expert.
Mr. Nenner has worked in the industry for more than 18 years with roles spanning trading, trading technology, and operations management. Earlier in his career, Garrett served as Managing Director at Rosenblatt Securities Inc., specializing in Market Structure, as Managing Director of Global Markets & Market Structure at Momentum Trading Partners, and also as Head Trader and PM at the hedge fund Millennium Partners, where he built the original trading desk and then expanded into managing a large high-volume latency sensitive quantitative stat-arb portfolio and its underlying technology. Later, he was recruited by Lehman Brothers to further commercialize the global RealTick EMS/OMS product for high-volume quantitative and fundamental clients working across  North America, Europe, Asia and Brazil.
Mr. Nenner is a recognized expert commentator, published writer and presenter at significant industry and academic conferences worldwide focused on market structure, trading, trading technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain, artificial intelligence and the effects of regulation on the industry in the US and abroad.


Day 1 @ 12:10


1.) Beyond Bitcoin – evaluating trading opportunities in the growing cryptocurrency market (2x tables)
  • Martin Garcia, Vice President, Genesis Trading (Leader  Table 1)
  • Garrett Nenner, Head of Trading Technologies, Linedata (Leader Table 1)
  • David Namdar, Co-CIO, Galaxy Investment Partners (Leader Table 2)
3.) Real-time market data – best practices for assessing and responding to data quality in latency-critical trading systems 
  • David Taylor, CTO, Exegy
4.) Fear gauge flatline – how to overcome low volatility in the post-election era 
  • Derek Wang, CEO, Bell Curve Capital
5.) Fixed income leaders – making a seamless transition to an electronic, data-driven marketplace 
  • Ashok Mittal, President, The Beast Apps
6.) Hybrid cloud in trading networks – how does quality data collection interact with other business workflows?  
  • Michael Wright, Manager, Napatech
  • Patrick Flannery, CEO, MayStreet

Beyond Bitcoin – evaluating trading opportunities, liquidity & future for decentralized exchanges (#1)

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