Alexander Pack | Head of Network Investing
Bain Capital Ventures

Alexander Pack, Head of Network Investing, Bain Capital Ventures

Alexander is a Director at Bain Capital Ventures, where he launched its Network Investing initiative to invest in experimental finance opportunities and disruptive fundraising models. He also invests generally in early stage technology startups across sectors.

Previously, Alexander was a Partner at AngelList, where he launched the Capital Growth team and led several early stage investments (Numerai, Polychain Capital). Before AngelList, Alexander co-founded an EdTech startup and taught at a liberal arts university in Hong Kong. Alexander began his investing career at Arbor Ventures, an early stage VC firm in Asia, where he focused on US-Asia cross-border opportunities and started its blockchain investments practice.

Alexander graduated with high honors from Wesleyan University in the College of Social Studies for his thesis on the rise of writing in Ancient Athens – the first major shift in information technology. He is a Princeton in Asia Fellow.


TNSY 2018 @ 17:00

Exploring the D’s of disruption – democratization, disintermediation, datafication and decentralization

  • Democratization of investment research – does crowdsourcing earnings estimates from anonymous contributors, professionals and non-professionals from the buy-side, sell-side and academia lead to more accurate forecasting than traditional sell-side research?
  • Data democracy – is the trend toward equal access to information eroding alpha? If so, how can active managers pivot to regain a competitive edge?
  • Real-time information – how are social networks, blogs and other digital mediums offering instantaneous access to news and information filling a void left by traditional investment research?
  • Overcoming blockchain’s kryptonite – what are the most promising solutions to the scalability problem posed by the decentralized structure of distributed ledgers?
  • Canary in the crypto mine – how can technologists, policymakers and capital markets leaders address the ever-increasing electricity/compute/e¬nergy resources being consumed by proof-of-work mining operations?
  • Mining centralization – are you concerned about a potential hidden power structured created by industrial mining pools driving network centralization?
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