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Enterprise based 5G growth

9th June 2020 5:30 PM (SGT)

While rhetoric around 5G has largely focused on its eventual impact upon consumer services, the space for potential growth in enterprise has gone under the radar. However, the potential for service providers to go after new revenue streams within enterprise and respected partners may present greater opportunities.

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Carriers digital growth strategies in 2020 and beyond

16th June 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

Traditional wholesale services are being commoditized, and wholesalers are under increasing price pressure from new OTT players. How are wholesalers adapting to new business models that attract new customers and create new revenue streams?

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How do we monetize next-gen roaming?

23rd June 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

With the need to quickly adapt to a long-lasting stay at home culture, 2020 will be an important year for operatorstocontinue tointroduceinnovative new services and business modelsto enable roaming capabilitiesfor customers across borders.

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Moving telcos to ‘The Edge’

30th June 2020 5:00 PM (SGT)

With 5G already deployed in some countries, the emergence of IoT devices and greater global wireless access and the role of edge computing to core telco network models is rising significantly. Across a multitude of areas including latency, data, network virtualization and bandwidth, edge is amplifying opportunities for service providers across the entire telco ecosystem.

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Viettel’s journey to an international-awarded Online Charging System with Aerospike

7th July 2020 4:00 PM (SGT)

Viettel Online Charging System (vOCS) has won many international rewards for its great QoS in serving hundreds of millions of telcos's users. We are going to be a general-purpose charging system, not only for telcos, but also for mobile money, highway toll stations, and much more. We are archiving more and more, with a close cooperation with Aerospike.

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