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Telco 4.0, Monday 19 March 2018




Organisers opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks


Ariya Banomyong

Opening Keynote Address: Transforming into a platform business


Keynote Address by China Unicom Global, Title Sponsor for Telecoms World 2018

Isabelle Mauro

Opportunities for growth in the next 5 years

  • What will be the key external forces and technologies affecting the industry
  • Undergoing a digital reinvention - how will the role of telcos look like in 2020?
  • How can telcos maximize the opportunities present in a new business ecosystem?

Keynote Address by CAT Telecom


Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing

Changing Business Models

Rob van den Dam

What keeps CEOs awake at night?

Staying relevant in the era of disruption.
Panel discussion

Panel: Transforming for success – assessing the road ahead for telcos

  • Past vs present – how are telecom operators transforming their operations/business models to meet the challenges ahead?
  • Restructuring for long-term success – what are the key issues to consider, and what’s a reasonable length of “downtime” before these changes achieve payoff?
  • What are the new challenges on the horizon, and how ready are telcos to meet them?
  • Investment outlook for the telecoms landscape
    • Where will be the new sources of growth?
    • What markets and populations?
Saiful Hidayat, Director of Telkom Group Transformation Project, Telkom Indonesia

Lunch and exhibition viewing

Fostering Innovation

Panel discussion

Panel: Encouraging innovative thinking in the business

  • What are the challenges facing operators today when it comes to promoting innovation in the organisation?
  • What can the C-suite do to promote a “safe to fail” environment?

OTTs & Content


What’s next for Asia’s Internet TV market

  • Content consumption across the region – how will it develop?
  • Potential for growth amidst growing regional competition
    • How can content players continue to differentiate themselves?
  • Localizing content and combating piracy
  • Partnerships with telcos – how can both parties form mutually beneficial partnerships 

Monetising your content partnerships

  • Revenue sharing models and market differentiation strategies: What are the new ways that traditional telcos can bundle their offerings with OTTs into a compelling package and thus monetise traffic and improve end-user experience?
  • When online connectivity becomes a given, what would the future customer expect and demand from carriers and OTTs? How can both parties work to meet the demand?
  • What’s the expected growth in capacity needs as traffic increases due to booming user demand?
  • How will new technologies such as AR/VR come to play?
    • What does that mean for the network and are telcos ready to support it? 

Afternoon refreshments and exhibition viewing

Keynote Plenary: Creating a safe & secure connected future

Panel discussion

Closing keynote panel: Addressing the challenge of cybersecurity in a connected world

  • What are the new threats being faced by our networks today vs before?
  • Cybersecurity in the digital age: how can the industry address this collectively?
    • Improving collaboration with regulators to reduce risk and improve resiliency
    • Is there a need for greater regional coordination between operators to strengthen our networks?
  • 5-year outlook: how will new technologies pose as both a threat and an opportunity in ensuring security?
Moderator: Marin Ivezic, Cybersecurity & Privacy Partner, PWC

Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of Day One


Networking Drinks Reception

Join us for a drink at the end of day 1 to cement existing relationships and forge lucrative new partnerships.
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Telco 4.0, Tuesday 20 March 2018


Registration & Morning Refreshments


Organiser's welcome remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Keynote Plenary: Connected Ecosystems

Gulzar Azad

Keynote address: Connecting the next billion users

  • Making Internet access available and affordable for the world – how are we getting there?
  • Challenges, opportunities, key project milestones
  • Creating sustainable business partnerships – where do carriers fit in? 
Gulzar Azad, Country Head - Connectivity, Google

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Panel discussion

Joint Keynote Panel: Maximising opportunities and minimizing threats in a future of a billion (and more) connected things

  • Maximizing the telco’s role in IoT
    • What’s the current progress? 
    • Where are the key roadblocks and how can we overcome them as an industry?
    • How long before we get to see meaningful ROI?
  • Addressing the other side of IoT 
    • How do you foresee the acceleration of technology progression in the IoT era? 
    • What is the impact on our social and economic structures and how can we best prepare for them?
    • Reducing threats – how can the industry better pre-empt security and privacy concerns in the age of connected things?

Morning refreshments and exhibition viewing

Developing an ecosystem of partners

Ajay Sunder

Empowering the digital economy

  • What is the role of telcos in supporting the digital transformation of their enterprise customers?
  • Where are the new revenue streams?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities?
Panel discussion

Panel: Realising new revenues with new partnerships

  • What are the new partnerships that operators are exploring to drive new revenue streams?
  • Creating a sustainable digital-oriented business
    • Can telcos afford to play the role of an all-encompassing provider?
    • Opening the doors to greater carrier collaboration 
Filippo Giachi, Managing Director, JAPAC, DOCOMO Digital
Julien Rio

Presentation by Dimelo


Lunch & Exhibition Viewing

Big data & analytics


Fireside Chat: The AI opportunity for telcos

  • Exploring the key AI touch points including network management, churn management, speech recognition and bots
  • SDN as the key to realising the AI opportunity
  • What's the business model for AI and telcos?

Fintech, mobile banking & payments


Extended Networking


Afternoon refreshments and networking. End of Telecoms World Asia 2018.

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