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TIME is a Malaysia-based telecommunications provider with businesses spanning fixed line, global networks and data centres. It delivers a comprehensive suite of telecommunications solutions to the Carrier, OTT, Wholesale and Enterprise markets. TIME owns and operates a nationwide fibre optic network, holds a stake in four international subsea cable systems and operates one of the most interconnected data centre facilities in Southeast Asia. Its fully meshed domestic network, the Cross Peninsular Cable System (CPCS) spans over 16,000 kilometres over 5 diverse routes, with a border-to-border capacity of 8.8Tbps. TIME recently extended its domestic network reach to East Malaysia even further, via the 3,800 kilometre-long Sistem Kabel Rakyat 1 Malaysia (SKR1M). Its international subsea cable system investments include the trans-Pacific UNITY and FASTER, through which it connects Japan and the United States of America. Its other international subsea cable system investments, the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) and Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE-1) further extend its reach. The APG and AAE-1 link Malaysia and Korea, and Asia and Europe (via the Middle East) respectively. TIME also operates the A-Grid network that connects key ASEAN cities and counts data centre presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand and Vietnam. 

Visit www.time.com.my for more information.


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