Nuttawit Surittikul | Executive Vice President, Wireless Sales & Product Group
C.A.T. Telecom | Thailand

Nuttawit Surittikul, Executive Vice President, Wireless Sales & Product Group, C.A.T. Telecom

Dr.Nuttawit is the Executive Vice President, Wireless Sales and Product Group, CAT Telecom PCL. He, one of wireless network expert in Thailand,  is managing to drive the Wireless Business of CAT to grow in both revenue and product diversification. As in the age of the Internet of Things that wireless network is very important for everything connected, Dr.Nuttawit has initiated to bring the technology of LoRaWAN implemented for IoT system in the Smart City Project in Phuket, afterwards the LoRa network devices were commercially launched for individual and business consumers in 2017.

Dr.Nuttawit has more than 10 years’ experience in telecommunication engineering and marketing. He has an opportunity to work on mega projects such as Smart City Project which involves an extensive telecom infrastructure implementation from 2015. He has been appointed to be a Director at Clearing House for Number Portability Co., Ltd. which is the joint venture of 5 Thai leading telecoms provider since 2012. He received a PhD and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University, USA.


Conference Day Two @ 09:50

Joint Keynote Panel: Maximising opportunities and minimizing threats in a future of a billion (and more) connected things

  • Maximizing the telco’s role in IoT
    • What’s the current progress? 
    • Where are the key roadblocks and how can we overcome them as an industry?
    • How long before we get to see meaningful ROI?
  • Addressing the other side of IoT 
    • How do you foresee the acceleration of technology progression in the IoT era? 
    • What is the impact on our social and economic structures and how can we best prepare for them?
    • Reducing threats – how can the industry better pre-empt security and privacy concerns in the age of connected things?

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