Mr Nicko Widjaja | Chief Executive Officer
MDI Ventures | Indonesia

Mr Nicko Widjaja, Chief Executive Officer, MDI Ventures

Nicko is a tech investor based in Indonesia. He is currently serving as the CEO of MDI Ventures, a Corporate Venture Capital of Telkom Indonesia that invest in early and midstage tech startups worldwide. He is also a Director at Indigo Incubator, the country’s largest startup incubation program, backed by Telkom Indonesia.
Nicko’s first venture fund was Systec Group in 2010 where as CEO and cofounder he positioned the firm as a “hybrid of venture-operator model” with portfolio such as TinkerGames, Livepicly, Karnivall, Talkmen, Touchpoint, and a dozen more. He later briefly joined a Silicon Valley firm, Fenox VC, as Venture Partner. He is one of the most active angel investors in Indonesia, focusing on Seed stage startups.
Nicko is also involved in the design of the entrepreneurship curriculum for UPH Business School where he also teaches other subjects such as strategic management, marketing strategy, and corporate strategy. Before joining Telkom Indonesia, he was a mentor at several incubators and accelerator programs including GEPI and Binus Accelerator, specializing in fundraising, product development and business modeling.
Nicko graduated from Oregon State University with a BA and BS in Anthropology and Marketing Management. He obtained his MBA in Strategic Management from Dominican University of California.
Nicko lives in Jakarta with his wife, the jewelry designer, Kunang Andries and their son.

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