Joddy Hernady | Senior Vice President, Media & Digital Business
Telkom Indonesia | Indonesia

Joddy Hernady, Senior Vice President, Media & Digital Business, Telkom Indonesia


Conference Day One @ 13:50

Fireside Chat: Encouraging innovative thinking in the business

  • What are the challenges facing operators today when it comes to promoting innovation in the organisation?
  • What can the C-suite do to promote a “safe to fail” environment?

Conference Day One @ 15:20

Monetising your content partnerships

  • Revenue sharing models and market differentiation strategies: What are the new ways that traditional telcos can bundle their offerings with OTTs into a compelling package and thus monetise traffic and improve end-user experience?
  • When online connectivity becomes a given, what would the future customer expect and demand from carriers and OTTs? How can both parties work to meet the demand?
  • What’s the expected growth in capacity needs as traffic increases due to booming user demand?
  • How will new technologies such as AR/VR come to play?
    • What does that mean for the network and are telcos ready to support it? 

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