Mr Jason Lo | Chief Executive Officer
Tune Talk | Malaysia

Mr Jason Lo, Chief Executive Officer, Tune Talk

Jason Lo is a Malaysian Artiste and Musician with a number of albums, a former Radio DJ/announcer, former TV Talk-Show Host of latte@8, he is also the Creator of:- 'Rock The World' - Malaysia's longest running Music Festival into it's 16th installment in 2016, 'MyTeam' - The Highest rated program in Malaysia (3.6,mil viewers for finals), 'MIMMA' - Malaysia Invasion Mixed Martial Arts, the biggest MMA Amateur tournament in the world, 'MISIM' - The Malaysian Invasion Spirit In Motion, which unearths new Paralympic talent and supported the Malaysian Paralympic Team towards his prediction 4 years earlier, where in Rio 2016 we witnessed the Nations First ever Gold Medals at the Olympics/Paralympics level, by the Paralympians. 

He has built a records label, events company, content provider and now OTTTV channel - '' - which sits on a unique platform of a scalable Playout system and Library in the cloud. He has also mentored under the Cradle Fund, the development of 'SWAG' (, which combines multiple broadband mediums OTA, into a single point-to-point pipe seamlessly. 

He is currently the Chief Executive officer of Tune Talk, which he joined at the invitation of Tune Group/AirAsia's Tony Fernandes in 2007, to build and launch mobile services across ASEAN. Tune Talk currently have over 1.5 million active subscribers. Jason is also Director of the Board of National Stadiums Malaysia and Vice President of the Malaysian National Paralympic Council. 

He considers himself more of a futurist and embraces transformation and technology as a constant order of evolution and revolutionary cycles and gives weekly talks at Universities and Colleges to further his ideas on a broad range of subject matter. He is enthusiastic about his various concepts and abbreviations, such as HHB - 'Human Habitual Behavior', ROY - 'Retain Our Youth', does not subscribe to KPI's as a functional aid to innovative thought processes and prefers 'MMC' - 'Micro-Meetings Culture' over weekly HOD meetings and aims to be as employee and customer-centric as possible. 

He still writes music and performs on occasion whilst at the helm of Tune Talk, which boasts the lowest staff attrition rate in the industry, at 1.3% in 2016 as well as maintains the highest Social media Klout scores of all service providers at 80/100 pts average and the highest of all Prepaid ARPU's in their respective market. In the Governments[ Multimedia Commissions report on Customer Satisfaction, Tune Talk came No.1 in 4 out of 5 categories and 2nd in the remaining category

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