Mr Allan T Rasmussen | Managing Director
Yozzo Ptd Ltd | Thailand

Mr Allan T Rasmussen, Managing Director, Yozzo Ptd Ltd

Allan Rasmussen is the managing director of Yozzo, a ICT consulting firm, operating out of Bangkok, Thailand since 2005. Prior to that, various executive positions within ICT, and television broadcasting.
His expertise includes the development, and execution of growth strategies for network operators, MVNOs and OTT service providers internationally, as well as advise on market insights, trends and opportunities, new business models and strategies for investment firms, regulators and device manufactures.
He is a MVNE/MVNO specialist, with hands-on experience from operations in both competitive and greenfield markets - from idea to a compelling value proposition, launch, operation, high growth to maturity - and in some cases exit.
Allan lives and works out of Thailand where he advises on several ventures, throughout the region. He is also a member of the Directors committee, Computer Engineering at the Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M. The King's Patronage. Thailand's Cloud Computing, App and Service Standard Committee, and Vice President, Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties, Southeast Asia.

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